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sOlo merengues


From the heart of South America... to Columbus

To me, merengue tastes like family traditions passed down through generations, and I am proud to share those traditions with you. Growing up in my family’s bakery in Bolivia, I have an appreciation for the craft and detail that goes into each cake. My grandmother, Alejandrina, made merengue cakes for special family gatherings. My mother, Cecilia, then learned those secret recipes and perfected the art of cake design, eventually starting our small, family pastelería. Together with my sisters, I helped my mom serve cakes all over our home city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.  


I've brought these same experiences to my new home in Columbus, where I’m proud to share these traditional South American recipes handed down through my family. So come and savor all the tastes and textures of a Bolivian pastelería right here in the heart of Ohio.

-Cecilia Osorio Menacho

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